Emotional Health

Four Pillars will endeavour to look after and support any individual regarding their emotional health. This will often include supporting individuals on a 1-2-1 basis whilst they deal with situations such as: sexual orientation, coming out, relationship issues and HIV diagnoses.


Four Pillars is aware that emotional health is linked very closely to mental health and will work with a person to help identify their needs on an individual basis. This may mean that sign posting to other services will be requires and we will do so with discretion and confidentiality at all times.


Four Pillars recognises the link between emotional health and sexual health and will not work with anyone on just one topic. Four Pillars understand that an individual needs to be in an emotionally healthy place before they can truly start to look after their sexual health and address their sexual behaviours, in order to reduce the risk of HIV & STIs, whilst maintain the sex life they desire.